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Hurricane Rita News

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Hurricane Rita

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Hurricane Rita News

Below you will find Hurricane Rita news stories. The most recent Hurricane Rita news stories are at the top of the page.

Hurricane Rita news sotries are constantly being added, so please check back often.

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Hurricane Rita News

Rescuers Search for Hurricane Rita Survivors

Rita Downgraded to Tropical Depression

FEMA: Damage Less than Expected

Rita Downgraded to Tropical Storm

Hurricane Rita Downgraded to Category 1

Hurricane Rita Downgraded to Category 2

Hurricane Rita Makes Landfall

Hurricane Rita Nears Land

New Orleans' 9th Ward Floods

Port Arthur, Texas, May be Hit Hardest by Hurricane Rita

Hurricane Rita Downgraded to Category 3

Bus Explosion Kills 24 Nursing Home Evacuees

Hurricane Rita Downgraded to Category 4

Texas Preparing for the Worst

Evacuation continues
Hurricane Rita: Category 5 with 175 mph Winds

New Orleans Could be Affected by Hurricane Rita

Over 1.3 Million People Evacuate

Hurricane Rita Upgraded to Category 5

Hurricane Rita Predicted to Make Landfall on Saturday, September 24

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